Complete Senior Downsizing & Relocation

This is our most popular package that includes free consultation, free organizing, no truck fee for disposal, free move-in day decorating assistance, free customized moving plan, and free professional cleaning of the former residence. You only pay the management fee one time and then a reasonable payment per day for services approximately one to two days depending on square-foot and distance of move. We do all the work!

Contents Managements

This is designed for those who already have a mover that needs to be organized prior to and have their disposal removed. We get rid of all your clutter and help organize! Daily rates in multiple day rates are available. We save you time and money with our organizing disposal team.

Complementary Consignment

We completely remove every item in the residence and dispose, donate, and sell everything possible. The estate or client receives 100% of what is sold and there is no fee for this consignment. We are happy to recommend outstanding realtors nationwide! We have the home professionally cleaned and turn the key over to the realtor of your choice.

Storage Unit Cleanout & Closure

No need for storage unit bills. We make residential deliveries from the storage unit as well as disposal and donations. We save your time and money to do all the work. You are not required to be present.

Estate Appraisals

Here is where we place value on contents so your family does not have to. Photographs and item numbers are placed in a three ring hardbound book as well as disk or furnished for the client and/or their attorney and executory. All beneficiaries will receive a disk at the clients request. We are happy to recommend an attorney for all your needs!